Sight Candy: a freelance full service design & art consulting company is created, maintained & ran by Sabrina Jane. Sight Candy offers a wide variety of design media, including but not limited to:

SQL Database / SEO / Actionscript / J Query / CSS / CGI / Javascript /
Website Design & Execution ( basic & flash )
Corporate Identity & Branding ( including logos & stationery )
Photography & Retouching
Print & Web Advertisements
3-D Modeling & Animation
Audio Editing
Vector Imaging & Recreations
Pre-press / Color Separation
Apparel Design
Compact Disc Jackets
Vehicle Wraps
Point-of-Purchase Collateral
Packaging Design
Advertising Campaigns
Internet Advertising & Media ( animated banners / ads / marketing )
Personal Use Imaging / Editing
Direct Mail Marketing Collateral
Much much more & anything else you can think of...



Acqua Couture: a bright new star in the world of swimwear. Acqua Couture is quickly emerging as new up and comer in the high-end stage & beachwear communities. It as been featured most recently on the cover of Performance & Autosound Magazine. Acqua Couture is geared towards the more classy woman who still wants to look sexy and show off what she's got, as opposed to other swimwear companies in the modeling & stage genres stuck in the 80s and widely available in thong, teeny tiny, & slingshot styles. It exudes glamour without trying. Acqua Couture swimwear is embellished, one of a kind swimwear mainly made for photoshoots, stage, pools, boating & models, without the cheesy flowery neon prink prints, polka dots, over-frilled & over done animal prints. Solid colors, rich luxurious textures, subtle shine & delicate accents bring classic Hollywood into the 21st century. It is named after my inpiration: Acqua - Italian spelling for water & Couture due to the high end fashion stores reputation. Other products to be soon released are:

Wraps & Cover-ups
Neck Pieces
Purses & Bags
Fashion Gloves



Modeling Bio:

How I got started in 2006....coming soon

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One groundhog day many years ago the world was blessed with Sabrina Jane. I was born in the Inland Empire to two loving parents. At the age of 8 my mother moved me and my two sisters to live in Morongo Valley, CA , to continue her teaching career. She enrolled us in a private Chrisitian School where I stayed until the first half of sixth grade. Then I enrolled in an elementary school in Coachella Valley, CA. By 6th-grade it was the 6th school I had gone to.

After another middle school I went back to Palm Springs Christian school. I always got good grades and a straight 4.0 GPA. I was on the volleyball team, basketball team, a rep on the A.S.B. until I left where I coordinated school functions, drives, fundraisers & charities involving the city counsel & desert communities. I took dance classes, music classes, & art classes there as extracurricular activites. I won Southern California State Art Championships 3 years in a row in my media. I won many trophies & nerdy awards like chess & memorization. I have NO regrets in my life. During that time of changing schools my mother and I and my two sisters moved to a city outside Palm Springs, CA.

In my junior year my family moved again. This time I moved in with my aunt for a short period while I finished the last few months waiting to graduate. 6 months after graduating high school, I moved into my new home at a art & design college in Long Beach. About 4 months after that I moved into an apartment with one of my best friends Shannon where I went to school, worked hard, became a tutor to my peers and partied for 2 years and soaked up as much knowledge and took as many notes as possible. GOODTIMES.

The day after my graduation for my A.A., I moved right into another University in LA. I moved into an apartment in Marina Del Rey, CA. That’s when I met two of my best friends. Diana and Julianne. I lived in LA for two more years until I graduated in September 2005 with my Bachelor's Degree. That's when I started modeling and did my first photoshoot. Then I moved to OC for a little while, back to LA & then to Burbank with my boyfriend.

I now live in Orange County, CA and I’ve made many wonderful, diverse people everywhere I’ve been. There’s nothing I would change about my life. I have the best family and friends. It’s pretty safe to say I’ve left an impact everywhere I’ve been.

That’s the short version.

Since kindergarten….I’ve been used to being the “new girl” that everyone wants to stare at. I used to be shy, but moving around so much, I stopped caring what people thought of me….and I still don’t.

And I’m STILL moving.